Recently there have been incidences of hoax e-mails fraudulently using the EATEL name (as discussed below) and EATEL is warning customers to be aware.

These emails use the EATEL company logos and copyright to notify customers about credit cards being outdated for online payments and threaten to disconnect services. By clicking on the link to update […]

Make sure your work area fits you.

Your workstation chair should be adjusted to fit your needs. Make sure your feet lay flat on the floor without too much pressure on the back of your legs.

Keep your arms at your side and wrists straight when typing.

Keep your keyboard directly in front of you so your hands […]

COVID-19 Updates

April 9, 2020

As the situation evolves, so does our response. Find the latest news and updates on how we’re adapting to keep you safe and connected.

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No Home Entry (Includes installs and service calls)

Our technicians will still be dispatched to your home, but they will not enter. They will do everything possible from outside of the home […]

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