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Stingray Music Now Available

Your music channels … unleashed!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new, next level music channel experience! We have upgraded our music channel service to Stingray Music, an award-winning, multi-platform music provider that offers the best music vibes, ambiance and entertainment, curated by experts from around the globe. Stingray Music provides access to high-quality […]

New E-Billing Coming Soon!

Within the next 90 days, we will be switching to a new online payment portal.

Your PIN will be REQUIRED to register in the new system.

Please make note of your PIN in preparation for the system switch over.

The 4-digital PIN number appears on your monthly bill right under your Summary of Charges.

You will receive notification when the new portal is […]

HomeIQ Home Security Now Available!

 Peace of mind, anywhere, anytime.

We’re now offering home security in your area! With EATEL’s HomeIQ home security and automation service you can protect your home 24/7 and enjoy the convenience and cost saving features of our next level home automation and surveillance services. Get started today!

NO Upfront Costs  •  FREE Professional Installation

CALL […]