About Us


The ONLY locally owned and operated Telecommunications Provider in Iberville Parish!

We provide person-to-person customer service AND competitive rates! We also have new HD Channels and DVR!!!

With over 30 years in the Broadcast Industry, Frances Tempanaro is bringing new excitement to Cable TV in the Plaquemine Area.

Run by a team of driven energetic individuals, Clear Choice is the team that is ready to care for you as the important customer that you are.

High Speed Internet

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Have you ever wondered “well, just how fast is the internet speed of Clear Choice Communications? Click here to find out!

If you wouldn’t know a megabit from a drill bit when it comes to navigating all those “fast” claims from the DSL guys, you’re not alone. Just know this: Clear Choice guarantees faster Internet service than DSL. Surfing, gaming, emailing, streaming and downloading – the online experience gets a whole lot better with Clear Choice High-Speed Internet. You can pick a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. Choose from several speeds and prices. Check out our new 50 mbps download speed with our new XTREME package to improve every day downloading needs! Create your own customized bundle with TV, Internet, phone and security services for savings.

Digital Phone

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You shouldn’t have to worry about pinching pennies or minding your minutes. Get unlimited local and long-distance calling for one low rate, plus all the phone features you’ve come to know and love, including call waiting and caller ID. With Clear Choice’s Phone Service, you keep your current phone and phone number as well. Switching and saving with Clear Choice couldn’t be easier.

Premium Channels

These are just a few of our favorites… There’s dozens more!!!
HBOHBO features your favorite original series, movies, sports and more.
ShowtimeShowtime/The Movie Channel gives you access to blockbuster movies and critically acclaimed original series.
CinemaxCinemax showcases top Hollywood hits, the best in cinema, action-packed thrillers, wild comedies, classic screen gems and mor
 From bold Original Series to the best movies, STARZ is the ultimate destination for obesessable TV.

Multi-Room DVR



How many times has the phone rung right at the end of a movie?  Life’s interruptions are problems no more now that you can pause and rewind live TV.


Set your DVR to automatically record every new episode for an entire season of your favorite series, or record a one-time showing of a game or event.


With Multi-Room DVR, you can begin watching a show in one room, pause it, and resume watching in another part of the house!

HDTV Service


Free HD programming.
 HD programming is FREE with your Advanced TV subscription.

Local channels:
 ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS are all available with our HD service. And all their programming is available FREE – with no ugly dishes or extra equipment to buy.

Our HD lineup features national favorites like Discovery, ESPN, National Geographic, CNN, TBS, TNT, A&E and many more. Plus, we’re committed to bringing you the latest HD programming as it becomes available, so you always have the very best HD anywhere!

HD is all about picture – and the picture of HD is really amazing: it’s six times sharper than regular TV and has twice the color. When you add in the fact that it also features a 16:9 widescreen picture, your eyes are soaking in bigger, better picture every second you’re watching.

Channel Line-Up