As the situation evolves, so does our response. Find the latest news and updates on how we’re adapting to keep you safe and connected.

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No Home Entry (Includes installs and service calls)

Our technicians will still be dispatched to your home, but they will not enter. They will do everything possible from outside of the home to complete the task, including calling or video chat to walk you through a self-install or trouble resolution.

No Install or Service Fees

All install and service fees will be waived. We may ask customers to assist with installs and troubleshooting but we will not enter the home.

Essential Services Only

To limit exposure, we will be processing orders for essential services only:

What is an essential service?

  • Essential: Internet and Phone
  • Not Essential: TV, Home Security and Automation

Can I get TV if I bundle it with internet?

  • Yes, if bundled with internet we will service orders for LightWave TV with wireless boxes that you can install yourself.

Can I upgrade my Lightwave TV?

  • Yes, you can upgrade your wireless box by picking up a new one at our service center drive-thru window. Additionally, you can add premium channels and tiers by calling us.

What should I do if I have trouble with any services?

  • Give us a call and we will do everything we can to help within our new guidelines.

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