Recently there have been incidences of hoax e-mails fraudulently using the EATEL name (as discussed below) and EATEL is warning customers to be aware.

These emails use the EATEL company logos and copyright to notify customers about credit cards being outdated for online payments and threaten to disconnect services. By clicking on the link to update payment information, the customer is taken to a website that appears similar to the EATEL website. Customers are required to enter their information, including their username and password as well as credit card information, in an attempt to fraudulently obtain the customer’s personal and financial data.

*At this stage, there have been no definite reports of EATEL customers falling victim to this hoax. But if a customer receives a suspicious e-mail, EATEL asks customers to heed caution and not access the link or enter their personal information.

Please note that EATEL has pledged not to disconnect any customers through June 30th. If you get an email threatening to disconnect your services, call us immediately.

We will never discourage customers to call us like in the hoax email example below.

Please be careful online and if you receive a suspicious email claiming to be EATEL, report it to us right away by calling (225) 621-4300.

Thank you for your attention.

* For reference, here is a screenshot of the fraudulent email:


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